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Magento Upgrade Service

Upgrade your outdated Magento 1.x or Magento 2.x version today to the recent available version. Magento Version Upgrade Service by Magesales helps you in getting all the latest features ,bug fixes and remain protected against security vulnerabilities.

  • Magento core upgrade to the latest stable Magento version
  • Magento database upgrade (including orders, customers & products data upgrade)
  • Magento 3rd party extensions upgrade and configuration

Your store will be upgraded to the latest Magento 1.x or Magento 2.x version.

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Magento has become the most popular E-Commerce platform for the store owners due to complete scalability, modular architecture, and customization options. With increasing trend of E-Commerce platform, Magento is continuously upgrading different versions to enhance scalability, performance, and security fixes.

The Magento 2.2.4 Version is the latest version released by Magento on May 3, 2018, for Magento 2. It offers multiple enhancements to product security, a change to the Magento Admin to support upcoming USPS shipping changes, and a copyright update.It also includes support for Elasticsearch 5.0.x, Abandoned Cart, Amazon Payment, Klarna Payment and enhancements to ACL control for cache management through Magento Admin.

Magento is the latest Magento 1 version which addresses multiple security issues. It is strongly recommended to upgrade the Magento version of your stores to avail these features.

However, upgrading Magento-based websites is a difficult and sophisticated process, but one needs to handle it properly to avoid other risks. The store owners also need to upgrade their older versions considering the fact that the new extensions and themes demand the latest new version.

The Magento Upgrade Service is there to analyze the website issues and fix them by understanding the sensitivity.

The Magento version upgrade service does not only upgrade the website but it also transfers the theme to the new latest version. It also refines the entire Magento database followed with the upgrading of all the extensions.

Magento Upgrade Service process includes:

  • downloading first the Magento database to our host.
  • The next phase includes fixing the issues related to database and then upgrading it during the transition.
  • It is then followed by testing of the upgrades on the customers, associated products, and orders of the testing host.
  • It is then re-published again to the same store without any errors or bugs in it.

How the Magento Upgrade Service is Delivered:

After receiving all necessary technical information about the server, and after payment we start developing Magento upgrade path for your Magento installation:

  • You provide us the latest backup file (or we can prepare and download it according to your instructions)
  • We restore the backup file on our test servers to prepare Staging Environment
  • We develop and perform an upgrade of your store in Staging Environment and solve any problems that occurred during the upgrade
  • When upgrade path is developed and installation is upgraded, you can verify the upgraded version and test all aspects of the upgraded version. Any extensions that do not work correctly or require fixes are documented and quoted, upgraded to a newer version if available or disabled
  • If you are satisfied with the upgraded version of Staging Environment, we schedule with you upgrade of your production store according to our upgrade path. During live-store upgrade it should be switched to maintenance mode and put out of order. The process usually takes 1-2 hours.
  • When an upgrade is completed, Staging environment is deleted

Benefits from Magento Upgrade Service:

  • Latest Magento Code with Security Patches
  • The enhanced security of upgraded versions of Magento provides even tighter protection from cyber attack. Having your e-commerce site hacked can be embarrassing at best and ruinous at worst as it can lead to complete data loss, so upgrading is a vital security consideration.

  • Added Functionality and numerous bug fixes

    Your Magento website will benefit from new features that come with a new version release. Take advantage of new features and stay ahead of the competition!

  • Improved Website Speed and Performance

    A new version of Magento offers you much quicker loading speeds.

  • Zero hours website downtime.

No interruption in the functioning of the live website during Magento Upgrade service.

Customer Reviews

Magento Upgrade Required Review by David Joy
Very good experience. A few stumbling blocks along the way but eventually we got over them. Would recommended Magesales for future work.
Seamless Upgrade Review by Virginia F. Tran
Magento updates can be a bit tricky, especially on custom built sites. We had a database problem going into a update and needed in-depth knowledge of the platform (Community Magesales took on the challenge and resolved everything, along with the upgrade. Even after the update was complete we had a server problem they help resolved for us and included that in the upgrade service. We would have certainly spend more time and money doing this ourselves. We look forward to working with them again if the need arises and would honestly recommend them to other Magento dev's to help with troublesome areas.

Also, they have a very nice ticketing system setup to transfer and communicate messages with their team. You can set priority levels, status, upload screenshots etc. Great user experience.
Upgraded from 1.7.1 to 1.9.2 and every went smoothly Review by Monica W. Miller
We had Magento 1.7.1 running with a lot of abandoned extensions and we wanted to upgrade to 1.9.2 with all non-active extensions removed. Magesales did a great job communicating changes and updates and worked to clear out all the dependencies from the old extensions. Our Magento site is looking clean now and is not bogged down for unused extension. We highly recommend Magesales for Magento issues or upgrades.
Excellent Service and Support Review by James B. Oneal
We had an older version of Magento running on our server and required it to be upgraded. After looking through many different companies offering an upgrade service we decided to go with Magesales.
Our site was quite complex and required a lot of work to get the latest version of Magento running. Magesales kept us informed throughout the process and went above and beyond to meet our requirements.
We are thrilled with the results. We highly recommend for any Magento issues you may be facing.
Great Value and Great Communication Review by Gregory J. Hooks
Finally I decided to upgrade my Magento 1.3 to I postponed this for a while, because I was afraid everything will be broken. I chosen magesales because of its reputation. Ordered their service, sent all necessary details and crossed the fingers :) In 3 days they sent me a staging host where my site was up and running on the latest magento version. It took me about 5 days to test everything on their testing host. All design issues were fixed shortly by their team. When everything was fixed and tested, we scheduled the upgrade of my live site. Magesales agreed to perform the upgrade of the live site on Saturday night, because it was quite important for me. They performed the upgrade of the live site within 2 hours and now I have the latest version of Magento running on my site with all security patched applied.

I cannot say how much I appreciate this and value what these guys did! Thank you!

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