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Magento Helpdesk

Our Magento Help Desk extension will help your clients solve their issues and turn them into their satisfaction, improve their user experience and convert them into loyal customers.

  • Create a ticket via Contact form
  • Set up Unlimited Departments/Moderators
  • View entire thread of a ticket
Compatiblity: Magento CE 1.4.x - 1.9.x, EE 1.8.x - 1.14.x

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Magento Help Desk extension developed by MageSales is an essential and must have extension for every Magento store, that allows you to provide a complete customer care service and excellent support attendance. Allows every customer to submit support request in the most suitable manner.

Helpdesk is a professional solution for issues and support request management for any e-commerce business based on Magento e-commerce platform.

Accept tickets via email, contact form or customer account page 24 hours per day and 7 day per week. With Helpmate you can easily link tickets with corresponding orders in order to make support process more efficient.

Our Magento helpdesk extension will help your clients solve their issues and turn them into their satisfaction, improve their user experience and convert them into loyal customers.

Features of Magento Helpdesk Extension :-

Create a ticket via Contact form

  • You can allow a customer to select department and priority of a ticket.
  • Customer can attach files.
  • You can add your own custom fields to form (text, dropdown list, calendar, etc).

Customer Account

  • To create a ticket or reply to a ticket;
  • To see the list of tickets;
  • To check out his/her message history for any ticket;

Archive of Tickets

Tickets, which do not require any actions from the agents (such as waiting for an answer from a customer or closed), can be easily moved to the archive. Hence, you'll be only left with the tickets, which are located in the main list of the tickets and require the answers from agents.

You can adjust extension settings in order to specify status under which your ticket will be automatically moved into the archive. Also you can set up the workflow rules in order to enable automatic redirection of a ticket to or from the archive.

Work with Ticket

  • Agent can link a ticket with customer and his order. This feature works for registered and non-registered customers.
  • Agent can use quick responses (predefined templates of answers)
  • Agent can use CC, BCC for ticket emails
  • Agent can see a source of ticket.
  • Agent is able to add tags to ticket.
  • Agent can add an internal comment (customer won’t be able to see it).
  • Agent can see/edit values of the custom fields.
  • Agent can setup the Follow Up feature. This feature enables automatic sending of an email notification to Agent as well as a change of status, priority, owner of the ticket after some specified period of time.
  • Agent is able to check the list of other tickets for this customer.
  • Agent is able to see whether another agent is responding to current ticket.
  • Every agent can setup own signature for emails. Signature can include html tags and images.

List of tickets in the customer/order edit page

Agent can open the customer page in the backend and check all the tickets available for this customer.

He can also open the order page in the backend and check out all the tickets, which are connected with this order.

Satisfaction Surveys

Help Desk allows to insert a block with the satisfaction survey into email with the agent reply. Customer will be able to evaluate the reply quality by clicking the smiley upon receipt of such an email. He will also be able to add a comment in addition to chosen smiley.

Agent will receive an email containing the customer feedback. He will be able to improve the quality of his work based on such a feedback.

There will be collective list of all customer feedbacks in the backend. Therefore, you will be able to draft the customer satisfaction report.

Email Configuration

You can connect your mailboxes to the help desk (e.g. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]). Help Desk will regularly check them and fetch the emails. Emails will be converted to the new tickets or the answers will be added to the existing tickets.

Your employees will be able to fully correspond with customers through the Help Desk, therefore they will be able to work in a more efficient way.

  • You can connect any number of mailboxes.
  • Emails from the different mailboxes can be automatically assigned to the different departments and store views.
  • 2-way email parsing

    Customer or agent can answer the ticket without a need to visit the store. Providing response to an email via the email client will suffice. Help desk will receive the email with an answer, attach it to the right ticket and forward it further on.

  • Support of IMAP/POP3, SSL


Every ticket can be assigned to department. Customer can select a department for new ticket.

  • Ability to add/edit/remove departments;
  • Every department has the assigned agents;
  • Ability to send an email notification about a new ticket to all the department agents;
  • Ability to translate the department's name into different languages (for multilingual stores).


  • Ability to add/edit/remove statuses/priorities;
  • Ability to assign unique color for any status/priority;
  • Ability to translate the name of status/priority into different languages (for multilingual stores).

Quick Responses

Quick Responses represent the templates of frequent answers, which can be used to reply a ticket.

  • It is possible to add/edit/remove quick responses.
  • They can be assigned to the store views.
  • It is possible to use different ticket's variables in the template.

Access Permissions

Extension allows to configure the different access permissions for the agents from different departments.


Tickets report

This feature allows to analyze the following data:

  • Number of New Tickets;
  • Number of Solved Tickets;
  • Percentage of Solved Tickets;
  • Total Number of Tickets;
  • Time of the 1st Reply;
  • Time of the 1st Resolution;
  • Full Resolution Time.

Customer Satisfaction Report

This feature allows to analyze the following data:

  • Number of Received Votes (Great/OK/Bad);
  • Number of Total Responses;
  • Satisfaction Score;
  • Response Rate.

Additional Features

  • Multistore & Multi-Language Supported
  • 100% Open Source Coding
  • Free Lifetime Support & Free Lifetime Extension Upgrades

Customer Reviews

Very Useful extension Review by Raymond P. Soderquist
Very Nice and very easy Extension and very good documentation also easy to customize.
Perfect solution. Saves lots of our time. Review by Florence W. Martin
Extension allow us to search all the orders with a SKU, it is just awesome, I don't need to waste time going inside the order I can see everything from the grid including all ordered products items, it saves us time! It has orders items mode – we use it as report to analyze which products in which amount was sold in defined period of time, as well as it show us list of current items with status, so we can pick this items from warehouse to package department which distribute it by orders. It is just super!
Excellent product and top professionals with very good support Review by Pamela F. Duffin
Great extension, installs perfectly, fast and no bugs or blocking your website. I am using 1.9.
Recommended!!! Review by Marguerite J. Pulaski
Great support, works out of the box. If I had to add one minor thing, I would love to see the possibility to reply via email
Great Extension and Support Review by Robert C. Thompson
I had a problem after installation. But the support helped me promptly and quickly. That's the way it has to be!
Great extension! Review by Craig S. Landaverde
This extension is by far one of the best I've found for magento. It really breaks check-out down to fastest and best shopping experience. Really great!
Works from the start Review by Noemi M. Carlisle
Excellent on-going support with frequent security and "glitch" updates.
One of The Best Extensions in its field Review by Kathy W. Riggs
It's great to find such professional extension which delivers exactly what it promises.
It works very well on Community 1.9.x
Very good extension Review by Daniel P. Canty
And very, very good and fast support. They help me by email in 12 minutes. Incredible.
Great extension!!! Review by Tom I. Starks
Really good extension!!
and Excellent Support!
Thanks A lot for this great Tools guys.
Perfect Review by Seymour E. Brunton
The extension works great.
I had a small problem with the installation, because I had other extension in the system which weren't really used. The support helped me very quickly and told me about deinstalling this not used ones. Afterwards it worked perfectly how described.
Thank you for the nice extension and the very fast support.
Great extension! Review by Lee C. Kerr
Since I use a custom responsive theme and a couple of other extensions I needed a little help from the developer to make everything look perfect. After the customization done by a developer everything looked perfect. I'm very satisfied!
Awesome extension and the best support ever! Review by Fong
This is a awesome extension that meets all my needs!
And the support is awesome helps with all my questions and customize the extension specially for my custom template and some other changes. Never see this before awesome developers!
Great Extension, Awesome Support Review by John C.
We have just purchased this great extension for one of our websites.
It is very easy to install.
It requires minimum configuration.
And above all, very fast and professional support that assisted us in minor adjustments for our custom design theme.
Thank you for a great product and for a wonderful support.
Excellent Extension Review by Braden
I just bought and installed this extension after trying a number of others, and am finally happy with a extension. It's easy to use and looks beautiful on the front.
Excellent extension and support Review by Rosemary
excellent extension and a very very excellent support
Fantastic extension, great support Review by Lyons
This extension does everything it claims to! The developers installed this for us within an hour, such great service. I can't recommend this product and service enough. Great work, and thank you!
they are helpful Review by Michael
I just ordered this extension, but it doesn't compatible with my theme, but they are fixed the problem within 24 business hours, I highly recommend it

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